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Thread: Is there any case to be made for Griffin over Luck?

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    Is there any case to be made for Griffin over Luck?

    Gun to my head, I would probably take Luck, but I am enamored by Griffin.

    After watching some of his play, it's unreal looking at his deep ball accuracy. He's got elite QB speed in addition, but is actually a pass-first pocket QB.

    Both have outstanding intangibles and seem to be very intelligent and selfless leaders.

    I think both are the goods and will be special at the next level. I'm curious to see if anyone here would consider going RG3 over Luck.

    If Luck weren't coming out, I'd say RG3 would go number one overall.

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    Andrew Luck is Peyton Manning all over again.Manning never won the Heisman and never won the National Championship even thou like Luck,he went back 1 more year just for that opportunity.

    Both these guys will have steelar Careers,but the Championships for whatever reason will be few and far between.I watched that game last night and when that kicker missed the FG,all i could think about was Manning losing to the Gators always.

    The other thing is i don't think i like that Kid's demeanor.He never said it,but somehow i believe he's thinking this.

    What the frill,do i have to kick the FG also.

    When it's all ab out you,you get the accolades.When it's about the group,the group gets the accolades.

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    Luck is already putting on master classes at college level against all types of schemes but RG3 is very intriguing with his lasers and should make his NFL team very happy

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    there is no case for Griffin over Luck.

    One is a top 10 or top 15 player, the other is a once in 10 or 15 years type of player.

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    I really like Griffin, but Luck is arguably the best QB prospect of the past 25+ years.


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