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Thread: Why Play for the Jets

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    [QUOTE=rextilleon;4310320]Boy, you guys obviously confuse an 8-8 record with whats been going on for the last month. You have a coach who lies, you have players in revolt, you have guys flashing the bird at the media, you have a general manager who did a horrible job, etc.

    This has nothing to do with anything but a chaotic organization.[/QUOTE]

    The difference between 10-6 and 8-8 is a bounce here and there. Look at some of the games you lost this year(tebow game - you dominated for 3 and half quarters) and some you pull out of your arse the last two years.

    The expectation were just so high this season that anything other than a super bowl was going to be a downer. The same problems you experience this year effects a lot of teams that don't meet their own expectation this seaso0n.

    All Coaches Lie. It was okay when Rex said Gholston was going to have a great year. (as long as Jets were winning who cared about his lies) Winning more games will cure any locker room problems(revolts) When your winning you never hear of problems like that.

    No Gm ever get it right all the time. Some you hit on and some you miss. You just have to judge their over all record. (draft, trades and free agent additions as a whole in comparison to their counterparts.

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    Winning is the best medicine. Remember mangina was once mangenius.

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    Can't let this fall off without Rextellion seeing it... :cool:

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    [QUOTE=rextilleon;4310247]Its interesting. Now that this organization has self destructed, and become the laughing stock of the NFL, why would a player want to join the Titanic as it slowly slips into the sea. If you were Peyton Manning, would you want to play for these coaches, and with this bunch of egomaniac players?[/QUOTE]

    Titanic? 8-8 is the sinking Titanic? Jets fandom-the ultimate Bipolar disorder.

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    When and if the New York Jets finally do win a championship, those players would be revered as gods.....who wouldn't want that?


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