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Thread: Early Mock Offseason (with trade down)

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    Early Mock Offseason (with trade down)

    FA Signings

    Michael Griffin
    Drew Stanton
    Braylon Edwards (on the cheap, let him rehab and see if he can come back. I think he can)


    TRADE Jets pick 16 for Redskins pick 38 and 71

    38. Zebrie Sanders, T, Florida St
    Replacement for Hunter. Has played both sides at FSU

    47. Vinny Curry, Marshall, DE/OLB
    Curry has plenty of sacks and will add much needed speed as a guy that projects to 3-4 OLB

    71. Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan
    One of the most productive WRs in the country. Has size and speed but didnít get the attention because he played at a smaller school. Remember Greg Jennings and Antonio Brown were also MAC WRs who have excelled at the next level.

    80. Doug Martin, RB, Boise St
    Maybe itís too soon to write off Bilal Powell or go for another RB but Shonn Greene could use another complement to replace LT and Martin has a good mix of power/quickness.

    111. T.Y. Hilton, WR/KR, FIU
    May not fall this far, depends on what he runs at the Combine. I know I picked a WR earlier but the Jets desperately need speed on offense and Hilton could be a sparkplug.

    143. Brandon Washington, G, Miami
    More depth needed on the O-line

    175. Kevin Koger, TE, Michigan
    Replacement for Mulligan. Described as a blocking TE, who may have been able to put up better receiving numbers in a more traditional offense

    207. Matt Merletti, S, UNC
    Coming off knee injuries so heís a risk but hey, itís the 7th round.


    QB Sanchez/Stanton/McElroy
    RB Greene/Martin/McKnight/Powell
    FB Conner
    WR Holmes/Kerley/Edwards/White/Hilton
    TE Keller/Cumberland/Koger
    LT Ferguson
    LG Slauson/Ducasse
    C Mangold/Turner
    RG Moore/Washington
    RT Sanders

    OLB Pace/Maybin
    ILB Harris/Bellore
    ILB Scott/Mauga
    OLB Curry/Westerman

    DE Wilkerson
    NT Pouha/Ellis/Tevaseu
    DT Devito

    FS Griffin/Pool
    SS Leonhard/Alexander
    CB Revis/Wilson/Strickland
    CB Cromartie/Cole/Lankster

    I really emphasized offense here and was thinking about maybe going for a little more defense but I think we have good pieces there just some needs (like OLB, S) which I attempted to fix. Offense was a disaster so I tried to infuse youth/speed to put more tools around Sanchez.

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    I don't like that trade from a value stand-point at all. If they're going to trade all the way back into the second round, they should also get a 2013 first rounder in return.


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