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Thread: TheMo's Mock Offseason v.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
    No Jared gaither Raiders were set to sign him to a contract but they didn't like Medical reports(weren't comfortable signing him) Was with chiefs most of the year(hardly played) The Chargers picked him up late after Chiefs waived him. jared gaither played very well at LT down the stretch for the Chargers. He seemed to elevate that whole Chargers oline. ( was an upgrade from Mcneil)

    He made himself alot of money with his play. He will go to the team that lets him play LT, as he doesn't like to play Rt.
    By his play He will be playing LT for someone next season.(Probably Chargers as he probably a must signing)
    Thanks for the report, I was thinking of the tackle from the Jaguars.

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    I want to sign Michael Griffin in FA, hes got speed and athleticism to cover.

    If Trent Richardson falls to us, I would love taking him. We could really use a RB that can make plays, make guys miss, break tackles. Something that Shonn Greene can't do. That could really help our offense and Sanchez.

    Don't like that OLB is ignored until later, we really need a guy who can start right away.
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