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Thread: McNutt,Jenkins,Posey,Cunningham and Marvin Jones

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    What's the deal with these guys?.....I don't get why none of them seem to be in the conversation much before Rd 3 or 4

    Don't get me wrong, it'd be great to get one of them without using a top 2 pick but is there something I'm missing or are they just underrated at this stage?

    McNutt especially just looks amazing and has put up incredible numbers despite only playing the position a couple of years.I don't get why he isn' a certain 1st Rd pick

    Jenkins looks really qiuck and in the limited video I've seen of him has really good hands(always plucking the ball,rarely body catches)and runs well after the catch.quality production at a big programme without much of a QB too

    DeVier Posey looks like a Hakeem Nicks clone in that he's big in that inbetween way(not a monster like Megatron but good size)but looks WAY faster and has produced at a top school with a good record of sendind WR to the NFL

    Cunningham as well has great size and excellent production and Michigan State is great programme....again they have a good track record with sending WR's to the NFL

    Finally Marvin Jones might be the most intriguing.Great size but also looks like he could be genuinely fast.Has made some great catches and has pretty good numbers as well,yet I don't see him rated much higher than a 4th or 5th rounder

    Any thoughts?
    I'm also high on McNutt...dare I say he's my favorite WR in the draft (not claiming him to be the most talented, I just like watching the kid play). To me he's a Burress clone and I honestly don't think speed will be the issue for him. I'd take him mid second...if the Jets can get him later than that, icing on the cake.

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    I may be biased in the my liking of McNutt, but I truly believe he will be a solid pro at the worst, and potentially a fringe #1 WR.

    He's got some things to work on, concentration on the easy catches being a big one. He isn't the greatest athlete you'll ever see, but he's also not the worst. He'll run faster than people anticipate, I can almost guaranty that. Iowa players always run faster than anticipated in the 40.

    He comes from a pro-style Offense at Iowa, so the transition to the NFL might not be as hard as some other WR's generally seem to go to. He makes some unbelievable catches sometimes, because his hands are enormous.

    I think he's a pretty damn polished route runner for being a QB 3 years ago. His polish will only increase within the first few years in the NFL as well.

    The players he reminds me the most of are Marques Colston and Muhsin Muhammad.

    I think he's a 3rd round pick, 4th at the worst, and the Jets would be very lucky to get him that late.

    If they don't get McNutt, I'd take Posey too. I really like his game.

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    I'd like this guy in the fourth after OLB, RB, and RT

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    Stop the presses Marvin Jones! he's back? wooo superbowl here we come.

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    I think the WRs later on in the draft have a lot to offer. Guys like Posey or Jones will go a lot later than their talent would indicate and that is a good thing for the Jets.


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