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Thread: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III is turning pro

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    Baylor QB Robert Griffin III is turning pro

    mortreport Chris Mortensen
    No surprise: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III is informing Baylor coach Art Briles today he is turning pro, per family source

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    I had major doubts of his ability, but after watching several of his games from beginning to end this kid is going to be a stud. I don't think it's anywhere near a lock that Luck has a better pro career. Please stay out of the AFCE.

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    So Washington now knows who they are going after in the 1st. I can see them trading up with Minni to grab him.

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    This is good news. We need more talent like him crowding the top 10, so players like TR, Ingram etc have a better chance of dropping to # 16.


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