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Thread: Where Does Jared Crick wind up?

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    Where Does Jared Crick wind up?

    I want us to address OLB, S, RT, and BPA depth, and feel we are very strong on the Dline, that being said, you can't have enough good players, regardless of position and if you can find value, you need to take it.

    Crick was considered a 1st-2nd round prospect coming into the year before his injury. The injury doesn't seem to have any long term significance, but now crick seems to be a 3rd-4th round prospect?

    Is that a great value there? What are people saying at this point? Will he be able to do anything in the combine?

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    If Crick is there in the 2nd we should take him in a heart beat. He isn't the sexy sack machine but he is the best pure 3-4 DE here. He is very comparable to guys like Alan Branch or Tyson Alualu. I wouldn't be shocked if you saw him much earlier then projected.


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