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Thread: What The Hell Is Haley Barbour Doing?

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    What The Hell Is Haley Barbour Doing?

    Releasing a whole raft of criminals, rapists, killer and more?

    Can some Republican educate me here, cause it sounds like a big bag of crap by Barbour, effectively over-ruling the justice system, and putting hard criminals on the street for the lols.

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    The DA could only find cause to block 21 of the cases based on paperwork that "violated the constitution" lol... Okay.

    Every Governor pardons on his way out of office... They pardon based on recommendations from the parole board, suspended sentences for patients who are ill, usually extremely so and pardon individuals who have already completed their minimum sentences...

    Or so I've heard...

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    Imitating Billy Blue Dress?

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    Abuse of the Pardon system for sure. Just insane.
    No parole. unbelievable.
    Should only allow one pardon per year.
    Any more or mass pardon should be cleared by a bipartisan committee.

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    Pardons for white collar crimes. OK. If restitution has been made.
    Involuntary manslaughter. OK. Stolen car. OK.
    Murder and rape. Never. Kidnapping (especially of a child) - Never.
    Old Haley turned into a nut job, I think.
    Same guy that never saw discrimination when he was younger - late 50's early 60s. In Mississippi. Right. Anyone see the movie "The Help".

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    Judge Halts Mississippi Pardons After Uproar
    Just 21 are currently halted


    [QUOTE]Barbour, a Republican, released a statement Wednesday evening saying that 189 of the 215 people pardoned were already out of prison.
    "My decision about clemency was based upon the recommendation of the parole board in more than 90 percent of the cases," the statement said, according to WTVA-TV.
    Thirteen on the 26 inmates released from custody were costly to the state because of medical expenses and can be returned to custody if they commit another crime.[/QUOTE]


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