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Thread: If there is a way to get RG3 we have to take it!!!

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    he's a right-handed michael vick that that has better accuracy. I would take him in a heart beat.

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    We ain't getting RG3. The closest me might get is a guy like Vince Young in free agency to back-up / challenge Sanchez. More likely we end up with Chad Henne to compete with McElroy as Sanchez's back-up. Tanny and Rex have hitched their wagon to Sanchez, so they all get at least another year to try to show it wasn't a big mistake.

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    Do you want to gut this draft and next years as well to land RG? Jets are picking 16th and are miles away from just one player to win it all.

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    I would honestly take him over Luck.....I know that sounds ridiculous but why is Luck that much better? Griffin has much better speed and athleticism, you can do more things with him....Luck is solid in these areas but Griffin is Elite for a QB

    They are both amazing in every other aspect of the game.....Griffin has better arm strength, Luck a little better accuracy

    IMO the 2 best QB prospects since Peyton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chupa View Post
    lol please the guy is undersized and can't make anyone miss in space. If he runs like that he'll be out for the year by week 5. Guy is a project at best, and I wouldn't touch him before the second round.

    Cam Newton was a generational prospect. The drama with his dad and the recent Jamarcus bust hurt his stock dramatically and he still was the #1 overall pick (deservedly so). Cam Newton has incredible size, strength, and running ability to go along with a canon arm.

    You are one of the most clueless people on this site. I love it.

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    If we were going to trade up that high, then we might as well go the extra mile and get Andrew Luck.

    I like Griffin, but the last I checked he wasn't the one being touted as the best QB prospect since Elway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    rg3 will go 2. The rams will auction the pick off to the highest bidder. JMO.
    I think the Rams should take him. New head coach, elite prospect and I dont think Bradford is the guy. Horrible this year and injury prone. Trade Bradford for a 2nd or 3rd draft RGIII and move on.


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