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Thread: Andre Branch or Vinny Curry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come Back to NY View Post
    his bigger problem is many at Clemson don't like him....
    Por quuueeee?

    That almost makes him interesting.

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    Would like Mercilus or Curry for us in the 2nd if we could trade up

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    In his last two seasons at Marshall, defensive end Vinny Curry racked up 23 sacks.

    But, he isn't a one-dimensional player, also making a lot of tackles.
    He's 6 foot 4, 263 pounds, and he looks like the sort of player who could fit in any scheme.

    Here's a conversation with Curry:
    Q: How has this experience been so far?
    A: I'm just trying to soak up as much as I can up. Everyone out here is good, so I'm just trying to get better. It feels good just to be out here, among the nation's best.
    Q: Where are you going to train before the Combine and what will be your focus?
    A: I'm going to train at CES Sports, in Atlanta. My focus is to be a top performer, in all categories, at my position. And just to work hard. Just solidify myself as a solid draft pick.
    Q: Does this experience in Mobile make you believe you're ready for the next step in your career?
    A: Everything feels good. It gives you a lot of confidence.
    Q: What have you thought about the experience of working with NFL coaches?
    A: I love it. I love getting coached, and I like learning new things. I'm just very excited.
    Q: And in interviews, what do you highlight about yourself?
    A: I'm a guy who loves the game. A guy who plays with phenomenal passion, and a guy who makes plays.
    Q: Projections have you as a first- to third-round pick. What's your mindset?
    A: My goal is just to be one of the top d-ends taken in the draft.
    Q: Did you graduate from Marshall?
    A: I graduated this past December. General studies. I had two minor degrees in criminal justice and sociology.
    Q: So you're obviously ready, if the NFL thing doesn't work out?
    A: If the NFL thing doesn't work, I'm going to try and be a wrestler.
    Q: You've been very productive, both in terms of sacks and tackles. Why is that?
    A: Teams schemed for me, so I tried to elevate my game with seven forced fumbles. I'm just a hard worker, and I play with as much passion as I can. I love playing at Marshall. I love being a part of the Herd. I wanted to bring them a conference championship. But at least we brought them a bowl championship.
    Q: Who is your agent?
    A: Kevin Conner at Universal Sports.

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    Watching Curry this week and I understand why so many people are
    excited about him. I wonder if he would last to the 2nd round

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    Seeing Curry on the field and reading that interview, he surely embodies "playing like a Jet"... Bart Scott would love to have a second wrestling fan on the team aswell...

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    Both of these guy's are projected to go anywhere from mid 1st to late second.

    I think people are going to be shocked this year at what the jets do.

    but i like Curry. Great head on his shoulders and plays extremely hard.


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