Here is what I'm hoping for. The Alts are more likely but the 1st picks are my PBA and dream picks.

1 Dre Kirkpatrick - Is a ballhawk that could play S. Seems unlikely but is on the top of my short list. alt Melvin Ingram - Could be there I have over a lot of other LBs probs.
2 Jared Crick - I think he should be a 1st but most boards have him a 2nd. If he is there best 3-4 DE in this draft IMO. Him and Wilk would be a nasy combo. Alt Zebrie Sanders - Best potential of most of the Ts. Worth a look if he is there.
3 Bruce Irvin - Only low because of his history. Is a great overall player maybe a great 3-4 OLB. Alt Tommy Streeter - Good measurable could be a solid WR.
4 Levy Adcock - Good T prospect. I dont see a day 1 starter falling to us really. Adcock will be a good project. Alt Nigel Bradham - Even if we resign Maybin we need depth at OLB. This kid has very good potential.
5 Sean Cattouse - Would be a solid guy to add for S depth. Joe Adams - Good speed great ST guy.
6 Gerell Robinson Alt James Carmon