just to entertain bit, i'll respond to this ridiculous hypothetical.

no, he's not that great. i watched plenty of him at nebraska, plenty considering i'm a husker fan, and he never completely impressed me. amukamara always looked better than him, and always looked like he was more ready for the NFL, and he's average at best right now in the big league.

he got noticed in his junior year when he got an INT 3 games in a row, 1 going for a TD, but he's far from elite. consistently played 7-10 yards off the WR, and never got beat with the long ball, but only because he let everything get caught in the 1-20 range. and unfortunately, he wasn't thrown to as much as he should have been, only because the #2 and #3 CB's were dreadful at best most of the year.

so there's your analysis. i'm trying to think of a good comparison player. dunta robinson comes to mind, but honestly i'm just trying to think of a player that's supposed to be good, thought of as good, but not good.