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Thread: Demps quits Football

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    Demps quits Football

    Florida's Jeff Demps has decided to drop football in favor of pursuing his Olympic dreams in track and field.

    Demps, who has started training with Florida's track team, will not partake of any college all-star games, NFL workouts, etc. He will spend all his athletic energy attempting to secure a spot with the U.S. Track & Field team. Demps was slowed by an ankle injury this season and finished with 991 all-purpose yards and 7 touchdowns to give him 3,553 yards and 25 TDs for his career.

    This is disappointing, I really wanted us to look at demos as a RB/WR type player who could also return kicks.

    Hopefully the prospect of making money in the NFL will change his mind.

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    Good for him. Winning a gold metal is a higher honor then playing in the NFL. If he thinks he has a shot I'd hope he'd go for it. Good luck Demps. I'll be rooting for you.

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    I agree. I hope he does well.

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    Good for him and best of luck

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    He will be back for football when he fails at the olympics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    He will be back for football when he fails at the olympics.
    lol...he'll be at 9.9 flat before long training all year round.

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    US Olympic sprinters are not what they used to be, after Gaye and Dix there's nothing there. With good training Demps could be better than those guys. He has a shot, good decision and good luck.


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