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Thread: Carlito's Mock Offseason v1

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    Carlito's Mock Offseason v1

    My first shot at being a couch GM. How will I get the Jets to the Promised Land in 2012:

    Free Agency:
    This team needs an injection of talent so let's give it some.

    Key re-signings:
    Sione Pouha
    Aaron Maybin
    Jim Leonhard
    Rob Turner
    Jamaal Westerman

    Key Players let go:
    Plaxico Burress
    Ladanlian Tomlinson
    Mark Brunell
    Nick Folk
    Matthew Mulligan
    Bryan Thomas
    Bart Scott

    Key additions:
    Ahmad Brooks: Stout against the run, younger than BT. Won't pack the pass rushing punch we need but he can set the edge.

    Chad Henne: Competent backup, knows Sparano, will push Sanchez, shouldn't cost too much, should be competent enough to manage game in a ball control offense

    Dashon Goldson: BALLHAWK, open the checkbook Woody, we need a playmaker in the middle to go with Cro and Revis. Gonna be pricey because he's coming off of a pro bowl season, but will be well worth it.

    Demetrius Bell: Fills need at Tackle, Having Sparano should make his transition to RT much easier.

    Jay Feely: Reliable for us when he was here, let's get him back.

    Braylon Edwards: This ship might have sailed, but if he's healthy I would give him an incentive laden deal; shouldnt get much attention in FA


    Rd 1: Nick Perry: Here's our pass rush!!!! Pace will serve as his stop gap. Will def get the chance to wreak havoc in a rex ryan scheme.

    Rd 2: Vontaze Burfict/Donta Hightower: May have to trade up to get him but will be perfect. ILB with a mean streak is what we need. Hightower will be a nice consolation prize if Burfict projects to the 1st rd.

    Rd 3: Nick Toon: Good Playmaker in Wisconsin with good size. Let's develop him for when we can get rid of Tone.

    Rd 4: Joel Foreman: Add another OL to develop.

    Rd 5: George Lloka: Safety, will replace Brodney Pool. Translates as a rangy FS, not really an in the box SS.

    Rd 6: George Bryan: Huge TE, possibly Blocking TE. Decent Hands and Blocking Ability.

    Rd 7: Chris Rainey: Undersized but a burner. Would take LT's roster spot. Some Character issues.


    QB: Mark Sanchez
    RB: Shonn Greene/Joe McKnight
    FB: John Conner
    WR: Santonio Holmes/Jeremy Kerley
    WR: Braylon Edwards/Nick Toon
    TE: Dustin Keller/Jeff Cumberland
    LT: D'Brickshaw Ferguson
    LG: Matt Slauson
    C: Nick Mangold
    RG: Brandon Moore
    RT: Demetrius Bell

    DE: Mo Wilkerson
    NT: Sione Pouha
    DT: Mike Devito
    OLB: Calvin Pace/Aaron Maybin
    ILB: David Harris
    ILB: Vontaze Burfict
    OLB: Ahmad Brooks/Nick Perry
    CB: Darelle Revis
    CB: Antonio Cromartie
    S: Dashon Goldson
    S: Jim Leonhard

    I tried my best, hopefully we can get to the promised land with what I did as a couch GM.

    Replies are welcomed
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    Nick Toon needs to be a Jet - don't see him getting past the 2nd round though.

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    Overall well done, its quite comprehensive and addresses all our major needs. I concur that Toon might not be there at 3, if so I propose that we pick up LaMichael James as we need an electrifying runner at RB to supplement the stable.

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    I would be thrilled with this offseason. Good work!


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