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Thread: 2012 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 1/18)

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    mercillus intrigues me. he could be one of those sleepers you look back on 3 years from now and say he was the best guy in that draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    The idea that you "address" a position in rounds 3 thru 7 isn't right. Perhaps round 3 is debatable. But in those rounds, the bust rate is so high and the legitimate way to look at it is to take a guy who you really think can become a good NFL player, regardless of position.

    totally agree !! if u start drafting for need in the middle rounds you end up taking less talented players to fill a need..hence making your ovverall squad weaker than it could be..those extra guys if talented can play special teams till injury or spot opens up 4 them!!


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