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Thread: +1 from Germany

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    +1 from Germany

    Hey guys, regards from Germany.

    I'm a Jets fan since 2003 and have been lurking here for some month. Finally decided to register now. I played about three years in our local football team at CB position. Thanks to a shoulder injury I had to quit. Not to mention our team colors have been green and white back in the days. This couldn't be a coincidence.


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    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome, your timing is fortuitous.

    We've got work to do.

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    Welcome aboard!

    Rhein Fire fan? one time anyway?

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    Yeah, I was a Rhein Fire fan and visited most of their games at the old Rheinstadion.

    It was a shame they discontinued the whole NFL Europe in favor to play ONE SINGLE GAME a year at Wembley Stadium.


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