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Thread: who would you root for in a NYG/NE Super Bowl?

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    [QUOTE=quantum;4339114]I would root for the huge asteroid.[/QUOTE]

    .... hahahahahahahaa :cool: +1 ...


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    [QUOTE=SlickBri481;4339779]OK then throw on your Eli jersey and go root for the G-Men, NY's "real" team. You can share with them as they bring one home for the city while little brother watches from the distance and later gets a pat on the head :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

    Little brother's HC might learn some humility, and how to shut up and Coach, other than that, 'F' the Pasts* - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :steamin:

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    I'd root for the Giants.

    I don't have a "little-brother" complex hanging over me. And moving to Florida has only strengthened my support for the other NY teams.

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    [QUOTE=Ron Swanson;4340541]Pats because my school's new Head Coach is coming from the Patriots and It would be nice for him to have a Super Bowl ring on his finger when on recruiting visits.[/QUOTE]

    What? Don't want to associate yourself with Penn State? Just say "my school" instead? :D

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    I'm rooting for injuries first and the Midgets second

    anybody but the cheating scumbags

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    [QUOTE=sg3;4340791]I'm rooting for injuries first and the Midgets second

    anybody but the cheating scumbags[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, we know. You've posted the same bullchit in 3 threads already, not to mention every other post you've made at Gang Green.

    So cute you are, praying to our Lord for injuries, and saying you'd root for the Nazis over the Pats.

    DIAF. Seriously.

    How many times you going to post the SAME THING in a single thread?

    [QUOTE=sg3;4340020]I'[B]d root for Hitler's army before I would root for the Patriots[/B][/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=sg3;4339618]I'm rooting hard for the Harbaugh Bros Superbowl... If only one Harbaugh brother makes it, I'll be rooting for him.

    If neither Harbaugh, [B]I'll be rooting for the Midgets (and for a major injury to Brady) as I would root for Hitler's Gestapo forces before I'd root for Brady, Belichick, Kraft and the Scumbags[/B][/QUOTE]
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