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Thread: ? IF T Pryor stayed in school

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    ? IF T Pryor stayed in school

    and was coming out this year . How would he rate with the top Qb's in this class. (would cam Newton Success push him up higher)
    How would T Pryor rate(if team planed to switch him to Wr) with this 2012 Wr Class. How many Wr go 6'5 235 with 4.38 speed. Thanks there are a lot of people that follow college football a lot closer than me.(only really follow it starting today at 4.00 East west shrine game.

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    Pryor wouldn't have been in the same discussion as the top QBs. Hes not an NFL QB. His ceiling is an alright WR. He has the size and speed but assuming a QB can convert to a top WR in the NFL is wishful thinking..

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    He's an incredible athlete I just don't think he could make the transitions to another position. He's not going to play QB in this league.


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