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Thread: East-West Shrine Game 1/21 3:30PM EST

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    East-West Shrine Game 1/21 3:30PM EST

    I'm pretty unfamiliar with these college all star games. This game seems to be a bunch of B-listers, those who couldn't quite make the Senior Bowl. Regardless, are there any players we should be watching today as late round sleepers for our beloved hometown 11?

    Here are the names that are familiar to me (admittedly not many)

    82 Junior Hemingway, WR Michigan
    78 David Snow, C Texas
    43 Tank Carder, LB Texas Christian
    90 Nick Jean-Baptiste, DL Baylor
    19 Bryan Anger, P California (best punter name ever?)
    31 Kentrell Lockett, DL Mississippi

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    DL Tyrone Crawford Boise State
    OL Ben Heenan Saskatchewan.

    These players won't interest anyone following the Jets but they interest me because they are the two of the top Canadian prospects for this years CFL draft and the team I follow has the 2nd overall pick.

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    Jarius Wright!

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    CBs Josh Norman (Coastal Carolina) and Shaun Prater (Iowa) are also legit, possible day 2 prospects. Could be possible Strickland replacements.

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    BJ coleman at QB looked very good, jets might not be after a Qb but this guy stood out to me as the best of the bunch.

    Other guys that made me take notice of at least a few plays.

    Jerry Franklin ILB
    Charles Brown CB but S at the next level perhaps?
    Anger, punter from Cal.
    BJ Cunningham from msu - WR
    Wilbur and Lockett, julien miller - 3-4 olb propsects
    UCLA TE - Harrison? Can't remember his name?
    Aaron Henry - S - WVirg
    Craig Zvelan? -placekicker
    Ben Heenan - OG


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