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Thread: 2012 NFL Mock draft creator...

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    2012 NFL Mock draft creator...

    I have a preliminary version of my annual spreadsheet ready. I don't have it up on a file server so if anyone wants it now I'll have to email it to you. Thus if you want it now send me a pm with an email addy I can send it to.

    Player rankings will be updated after the senior bowl and combine.
    Finals version will be out after comp picks are officially handed out.

    If anyone is not familiar with this tool (no I am not a tool I am a human being!) feel free to ask questions in this thread.

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    I have a question. What is it?

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    It is a spreadsheet that lists 300 or more draft eligible players and their avg rankings from a variety of web based player rankings.

    It has a full draft list (teams and where and when they pick)

    A sheet with team stats from last year. (such as offensive and defensive rankings)

    It will have a sheet with combine results.

    You can quickly and easily create mock drafts by putting a number next to the a college players name, this will populate the mock draft forum.

    Essentially it is a way to make league mock drafts and also team mocks as well. (For example with the Jets you can filter it so that only jets draft picks are visible and then you can have a better idea of what players might be available for them at each selection.)


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