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Thread: Shea Mclellin DE/OLB Boise State

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    Shea Mclellin DE/OLB Boise State

    Thoughts? Sounds like an interesting option in middles rounds.

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    Nice article. He has quick feet, can get off blocks quickly, is smart and can cover. Looks like he can start for us right now.

    The Jets might get him, release him and the pats will pick him up and be a starter for 8 -10 seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillywilly View Post
    Thoughts? Sounds like an interesting option in middles rounds.

    As impressive as McClellin was defending the run, it was his surprising agility and awareness in coverage that caught some by surprise.

    Midway through practice Wednesday, McClellin peeled toward the sideline to cover Ohio State running back Daniel "Boom" Herron. Herron slowed and appeared to be expecting the ball from Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins, who gave a shoulder fake to further entice McClellin to jump the underneath route.

    Instead, Herron accelerated upfield in a well-executed wheel route, forcing McClellin to turn quickly to his left and pursue. The pass by Cousins was slightly overthrown but it didn't matter. McClellin, with a 6-inch and 36-pound weight advantage over Herron, was in perfect position to defend the throw.

    McClellin is a versatile defender and will be most effective moved around by a creative defensive coordinator in the NFL, utilizing his impressive effort and playing speed ? a borderline top-100 draft pick who isn?t flashy and won?t have great work-out numbers, but simply makes plays on the football field.

    Great find! Thanks! Jets need this guy...Get Vinny Curry (1st or 2nd) and get this guy in the 3rd...

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    The more I read and see of this kid, I think of Mike Vrabel

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    Shea McClellin DL Boise State
    Ht: 6032 Wt: 248 Hand: 10 1/8 Arm: 31 3/4
    Mon: McClellin said he was told by coaches hed spend 50% of his time at defensive end and 50% of his time at linebacker yet he never put his hand in the ground at all today. And to his credit McClellin looked solid at the linebacker position all day. He moves well laterally, shows the ability to get depth on pass drops and did not look lost at all. This all happened as McClellin was playing linebacker in a 4-3 alignment. Good day for him.
    Tues: Another good day for the Boise State defensive end, who again played linebacker. During pass rushing drills he destroyed Chris Polk when he simulated standing up over tackle. Late in the day McClellin played some defensive end and destroyed Senio Kelemete with a terrific spin move.

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    This guys seems like a nice fit in the mid rounds.

    And I understand its very different looking at a 3rd round player vs a 1st, but its interesting that no one thinks he is too short to play OLB, yet height is an issue on this board with Upshaw. Just thought that was interesting....

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    I think thy asked him to play a little inside LB this week too...Hes definitely interesting as a development guy.

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    sign me up for him in 3rd or 4th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTJetsFanII View Post
    The more I read and see of this kid, I think of Mike Vrabel
    good call!

    Shea McClellin, Boise State (6-3 1/4, 248) McClellin was with the defensive ends in the 4-3 scheme on Monday. By Tuesday, he was working with the linebackers. McClellin was a tight end in high school and has plenty of skill to drop in coverage. When he rushes the passer from a two-point stance, like a 3-4 outside linebacker, he has a solid arsenal of moves to get to the quarterback. He reminds me of the Houston Texans' Connor Barwin when he was at the 2009 Senior Bowl. I heard one head coach say McClellin reminds him of Mike Vrabel, which is pretty high praise in my book.


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