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Thread: Need PC Help

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    Need PC Help

    Monitor Losses Signal, Sound Loop, Have to Force-Shutdown

    So, last two days had this problem.

    Usually whilst gaming, but sometimes just on the web too.

    At the same time, the monitor goes blank (just like when the PC shuts down) and indicates no signal.

    The sound at the time of monitor signal loss will loop (about 1/4 sec. of sound, so a buzz basicly).

    System must be force-shutdown (hold down power button X seconds, then reboot).

    I'm not a PC guy, I know just enough to be dangerous, and I'd like a better idea of what I'm facing before I take it to the shop, or buy a new GPU Card.

    I'ved cracked open the case, checked all connections (seem fine), checked all fans (Seem fine/spinning).

    Running an older card at current, the stock Nvidia GTX 260 that came wiht it, with updated drivers. Probably due a card upgrade anyway, but like to get this problem locked down before I start buying/paying techs, etc.

    Much thanks!

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    Sounds like the video card needs replaced...

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;4350393]Sounds like the video card needs replaced...[/QUOTE]

    Exactly what I was going to say before even seeing your post.

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    Sometimes just reseating the cards will do it, because vibration jars them loose. Also, blow out the inside with canned air.

    I sometimes had lockups during gaming (Unreal Tournament) and when it locked it got stuck in a sound effects loop. Just the interaction of crappy Windows and buggy game.

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;4350393]Sounds like the video card needs replaced...[/QUOTE]

    Yup. If it was just happening during gaming I would say it could be a driver issue, but with the no signal to monitor message, I'd say this is a time to upgrade.


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