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Thread: NFP's Wes Bunting's Mock Draft 3.0

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    NFP's Wes Bunting's Mock Draft 3.0

    "16. New York Jets: Alabama OLB Courtney Upshaw
    Upshaw is a thick, powerful kid who can line up all over the Jets 34 front and get after the passer. Hes got the power to win consistently on contact vs. both the run and pass rush"

    Can't complain about this one. Richardson still on the board, though. Also surprised by how far he had Ingram dropping

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    I would prefere Richardson if the board fell that way, but I wouldn't hate it.

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    No thanks on Richardson... I think running backs are a position you can cheap out on and unless you think the guy is going to be Adrian Peterson then it's not worth it...

    So assuming you aren't going to have a top 3 running back, the difference between the 8th best running back in the league is not that far off from the 20th best running back in the league.

    And give me Melvin Ingram. His mentality is so much better than Upshaw who's just not smart enough to become a great player in this league imo.

    I'll even take Zach Brown depending on the attitude because we need to be able to stop those TE's with New England.

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    i'd love mercilus. reminds me of john abraham.

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    hard to argue with drafting ingram or upshaw due to need with pick 16. I honestly believe Richardson will not be on the board at 16 anyway, but if he was not picked by then, no sure the jets with let him get by.

    hate to say we need to wait on post season combine and individual workouts, but..... we need to get pick 16 right. frankly more concerned what we do in other rounds. we lack depth, speed and size and can use help in many positions.

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    Why do people feel they have to throw a TE in the 1st? Carolina just drafted 3 DTs and signed a FA DT last year. Yeah they are picking a DT in the 1st. Trent isn't falling that far nor is Brown. There is some obvious whole in this mock.

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    Ingram and Upshaw would both be solid, smart picks for the Jets. They carry a good grade, present good value, they fill a major need and both are considered to be starters from Day One.


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