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Thread: New 2012 NFL Mock Draft

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    New 2012 NFL Mock Draft

    Hey guys, I've updated my mock draft for the end of the season/pre-combine.

    You can check it out here: 2012 NFL Mock Draft

    Let me know what you think. Would love to hear your feedback!

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    No way should Jets take the RT prospect over Ingram

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    I'm open to taking a RT but he'd have to show a lot. I think there is great value here to be had on DL and OLB. Not sure I'd pass on guys like Michael Brockers and Zach Brown just to jump on a good OL prospect early. The more I see Brockers the more I think we can't go wrong with that pick if he is there. He will be a monster and you can never have enough of those guys. Could you imagine him, Ellis, and Wilk lining up next to each other over the next 6 years? Nasty. It is hard to go wrong with Brown and Ingram at OLB as well. Even if they don't turn out to be shut down stars they will still fill huge wholes in our D. I keep seeing RBs and Barron as well and I don't think we get great value with those picks. To be honest the more I look at this draft the more I hope we use it to load up our D. So many great 3-4 prospects here.

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    dont hate it if Ingram, coples, upshaw, richardson, and blackmon are all off the board.

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    If I got the same scenario I would absolutely take Ingram but I don't have a huge problem with Adams. Think he's going to be a very good NFL tackle and that is extremely valuable... RT is easily the 2nd most important position on the line and teams nowadays seem to have 2 excellent pass rushers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJet View Post
    No way should Jets take the RT prospect over Ingram
    If a very solid vet tackle can't be had in free agency ... There's no choice but use it on a RT in the First Round.... I can live with maybin westerman combo at Olb then Hunter whiffing on ends getting sanchez killed .... That's not even a argument....

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    No Brockers? Sign me up for him if he fell to 16. Best DLz everz.

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    Hightower would be a good fit if the pats were a fulltime 4-3. Spikes is a good player. and when they go 3-4 they move Mayo inside so that takes care of the 3-4 ILB.

    On the outside is where they need help. I don't see Jenkins as a huge character risk either. A red flag yes, but he did keep his nose clean for the last year.

    The way you have the board, I would go Perry and Gilmore. I see Perry at OLB and DE helping to offset the loss of Anderson's 10 sacks. Being scheme diverse is valued highly by Bill. Like wise with Gilmore a very good Zone scheme corner that can play some FS whengoing into the nickel
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