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Thread: Danny Woodcock

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    To suggest that Woodhead is as good of a kick returner as McKnight is incredibly arrogant and wrong.

    And there is no way that Woodhead pulls off a block like McKnight did on the punt. That was unbelievable stuff.

    Also important to note that Danny Woodhead is over a full 3 years older than McKnight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Translation: The NY Jets pulled a Dan Snyder in the quest to get "over the top"? Dump the reliable locker room veteran team-first guys and lunchbox guys for names and bad attitude, higher talent, higher risk types?

    I can agree with that to some degree.
    I'm not sure I would say they pulled a Dan Snyder.

    For one thing, this season's meltdown notwithstanding, the results have been a lot better than Synder's Redskins.

    But I do think they've sacrificed leadership for risky talent a few times too many.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Except we know that McKnight was favored by Rex, Shotty and the FO over Woodhead.
    Well we do know the Jets invested a draft pick on McKnight and traded away fan favorite Leon W to pick him. Knowing that would you say that favoritism was merited by what they could do on the field or other business factors?

    The All-Pro voters disagree with you.
    Plug in Woodhead in the Jets/Westhoff kick return system and you may have had a different result by the voters as evidenced by many votes for Justin Miller, Leon Washington, Brad Smith and Mcknight (although he got less then the others).


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