I'll start

Next season the Giant return to being the mediocrity that they are...probably 7-9 seems about right...we make a playoff run as the wild card and lose on the road somewhere to be determined.

The following season we are dominant...win the division, get home field ..host the AFC championship game for the first time. The Giants, after an 0-7 start, finish 8-8 and win their division.

Title weekend...we host the Peyton Manning led Dolphins...to quote a famous JI poster, the stadium is rockin! Up 24-3 entering the 4th quarter, we lose in quadruple OT after a 32 yd field goal to win the game for us gets hit by a rare january bolt of lightning. Meanwhile, the Giants beat the undefeated Lions in the NFC championship game aided by 7 Lions fumbles, all recovered by the Giants.

The Manning brothers then play what will later be called the Greatest Spoting Event in the History of Mankind...as the Giants win their 5 th SB and become the first team to win one at home.

Ok, I feel better now...something to look forward to