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Thread: It's ok Jets North fans, we feel your pain

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    It's ok Jets North fans, we feel your pain


    Here's the thing:

    Pats fans are Jets fans. I've said this before.

    They can profess hatred all they want regarding "the terrible Jets," or "classless Jets fans," but the Pats fans on Jetsinsider are the only Pats fans who truly admit what they are:

    Jets fans.

    Here's why:

    Up until Mo Lewis' hit on Brady and the theft of Belichick, they were just as moribund as us. Granted, Bledsoe was pretty good, but you guys should be consoling out poor fellow Jets fans who lost yesterday.

    See, the Patriots were just as moribund as the Jets prior to the rupturing of the poisonous spleen that held them back, and any Pats fan will probably reference PB (pre Brady) years separately from AML (After Mo Lewis) years.

    So no matter what you do, or how badly you hate the Pats, the truth is that all of the Patriot's success that has included Belichick and Brady is 100% attributable to the New York Jets organization.

    The best talent scout in Patriots history was Mo Lewis.

    So as long as you keep remembering that then you really have nothing to do but bask in the 3 Super Bowls the New York Jets North have won.

    Because in week 2 of the 2001 season, the Patriots ceased to be anything but an extension of the excellence of the Jets organization.

    In fact, Tom Brady, when enshrined into the Hall of Fame should have Mo Lewis do his introduction speech.

    And so ended the New England Patriots and so began the dynasty of the New York Jets North.

    Sorry guys, if you don't admit that this gave you the three Super Bowls you won, you don't have a leg to stand on.

    You can say "but our D," or "our coaching," or "when we got a great QB."

    But your D and coaching have had all credibility destroyed by Spygate and I nearly feared Bledsoe as much as Marino back in those days, so you had a great QB.

    My wife's from Brookline. I have had her admit it, now you should to.

    No Parcells in NYC, no appeal to hiring Belichick out of NYC, no Mo Lewis, no Brady, no chance in hell you are anywhere near better than inept, if that's how you view the original Jets.

    So you "Pats" fans feel free to hate or admonish or whatever, it's OK, we understand, because we're responsible for everything you have to be proud of!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post

    The best talent scout in Patriots history was Mo Lewis.
    Pretty funny, because it's true.


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