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Thread: Bad Jets Jersey Purchases

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    Favre : worst gift ever

    Sanchez: jury still out

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    the worst 1's in recent memory, regardless of when you bought them are Sam Cowart, Anthony Schlegel, Kevan Barlow, Justin McCareins, Kellen Clemens, Gholston, Rick Mirer

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    Farve Titans throwback Jersey. ewwwwwwwwww

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    Quote Originally Posted by iahawkeyejet View Post
    Doug Gottlieb is filling in for Cowherd today and I caught an funny/interesting segment that was more or less talking about how Jeremy Lin jersey sales will probably go through the roof, and it's quite possible in a month or 2 from now, those possibly will be looked back on as "Bad Purchases" by the fans that buy them.

    They went on to talk about some other sports/teams that would fit into this category where fans buy into the hype/excitement a little too soon and end up with a jersey that is irrelevant shortly after.

    Some examples were:

    Aaron Brooks Saints Jersey.
    Scottie Pippen Rockets Jersey.
    Tim Biakabatuka Panthers Jersey.
    Ron Mercer Celtics Jersey.
    Darryl Strawberry Dodgers Jersey.
    Ki'Jana Carter Bengals Jersey etc.

    So my question is, what are some of the bad personal jersey purchases for the Jets fans on this board.

    I personally have never had a jersey, but the one I remember really wanting was a Neil O'Donnell jersey in 7th grade after he came to the Jets. At that point in time, I thought he was going to be the man.
    If this season is not a good one for Mr. Sanchez My jersey will be on this thread. My Pops got me an authentic one so its a sick jersey but its all sewn on so i can always change it to

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    The Jersey shirts are the way to go now. Half the price and you can wear them anywhere.


    Revis Jersey Shirt
    Sanchez Authentic


    Santana Moss (It was only $15 because I bought it in the off season)
    John Abraham
    Knicks-Marbury home jersey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    They weren't fails. Moss and Abraham were very successful. Leon had extremely bad luck and was a playmaker for the Jets. Pennington was intended to be the next Joe Montana until he became Mr. Glass.
    total fails.

    Moss gone to Washington, Abraham while good while he was here left unceremoniously. Leon bad luck or not was a waste of money and Pennington was "intended" to be that, nothing more.

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    I got my Keyshawn Johnson (Kelly Green)
    And Nick Mangold (Green)

    Love both of them and still rock them. Looking to get another one not sure who yet.

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    My wife comes home a couple of weeks ago all proud of the fact she paid $20
    bucks for Jet jerseys at Modells.

    I look at her in horror when she reveals 1 Burress and 1 Holmes for my twin

    Mind you she bought them to replace a Lavernius and Leon jerseys that the boys outgrew.

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    I have bought Boomer Esiason replica, a O'Donnell, a Chrebet, a Testeverde replicas (Wish I still had those two back), a Pennington that I'm holding onto, even though it doesn't fit me anymore since I lost weight and a Farve authentic that I gave to my ex girlfriend. She tells me she gets a lot of crap for it. She lives in Chicago.

    Only jerseys I want now are a Namath, Chrebet, Martin and Klecko.


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    I just flat out don't buy jerseys. Players come and go too quickly, and it's only acceptable to me if it's an all-time great Jet or an absolute favorite all-time Jet. That being said, I'd love a James Hasty jersey, as he was my all-time favorite player to watch (he was our shutdown corner that didn't get the credit until AFTER he left the team, and kind of didn't get national attention because it was the same era that Neon played).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    I'll be a man and take a bow here ... And for all you not raising your hands ... Cowards.
    Never did the process that goes into buying a jersey is length of tenure and who you think is gonna last the longest...and some guys buy because of the numbers they wore... but never a ghost jerz.

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    I have the sad distinction of owning the Kellen Clemens(green)/Brett Favre(white) twofer....

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    Johnny Mitchell

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysGreenAlwaysWhite View Post
    Favre is the worst you can own. I still see dooshes in the stands wearing it...
    Jj Stokes
    Lam Bam Jones
    Blair Thomas
    Kyle Brady

    all #1 busts

    The worst would be if Kotite had a jersey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrKanter113 View Post
    I have the sad distinction of owning the Kellen Clemens(green)/Brett Favre(white) twofer....

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    Darrelle Revis

    i only buy my revis jersey

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    Curtis Martin

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    Twp Jerseys I would not wear for a million bucks


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