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Thread: Has Fireman Ed grown stale???

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    Has Fireman Ed grown stale???

    Somebody could come up with a different icon for the team. Bless Ed for what he's done and the guy whose shoulders he's sat on for all these years- we could use a different image to stir it up, or multiple images???

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    Gonna be a long winter eh?

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    Fireman Ed,,,,,,, I got a good Rodney Dangerfield line in regards to him but it would not come accross in writing, so I will leave it alone.

    Not a big fan.

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    It's pretty apparent that Fireman Ed is a JI member and/or a friend of someone in charge.

    Every thread about him that has the smallest amount of negativity seems to wind up in the Dump almost immediately.

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    ...or are simply trying to flame
    Fireman Ed is a guaranteed flame-fest. Hopefully SAR I is busy at work, and can't post in here. A tire-fire should stay in the dump.


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