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Thread: Kipers Latest Mock Draft 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetlifer View Post
    we are taking a LB unless one of the elite players happens to fall to us (i.e., like Trent Richardson, etc)
    That was what most of us said last year. Then we passed on Ayers, Carter, Reed, and Houston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post
    Kiper's a tool.

    RG3 goes two. The Rams will trade down.

    Browns or Redskins go up and grab him.

    That shifts things around.

    The Jets trading up for a need slot over best available isn't inconceivable. Upshaw and Richardson would both be great picks.

    Richardson's a home-run hitter and fits a need.

    Upshaw's a better fit than any other DE/OLB due to familiarity with a 3-4, so if Tannenbaum's going to make a move it could be that.

    Either one would be a good move by the GM since the cap situation could limit FA acquisitions to "compete for spot" type guys rather than a big splash.

    The only thing I agree with is that there's not a single 1st round safety. They need depth there no matter what, so that's something to keep an eye on if you are going to trade up (where a decent Safety prospect could reside in round 2 onward).
    Ingram would be better than Upshaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycuse View Post
    Ingram would be better than Upshaw.
    They are both so close, lets just hope we can get one of them.

    Im kind of leaning towards Ingram solely because I think he has more athleticism then upshaw, but upshaw seems like such a solid every down player. Either way id be thrilled.

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    In a year like this when the 2nd pick is almost sure to be traded, why is Kiper "not allowed" to represent trades? What's the point of creating a rule that ruins the integrity of your mock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by neevsmazda07 View Post
    In the 3rd, yes please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by section314 View Post
    Don't forget who the new Tampa coach is...Greg Schiano. He had lots of success at Rutgers with a guy named Rice, and if T-Rich is as good as they say, think that pick is a no brainer. Would agree with you right now about Glenn, but don't forget, we haven't even had the combine yet. Stranger things have happened.....the combine gave us the great Vernon Gholston.
    Revisionist history, Gholston was a consensus top 10, top 5 guy. Had ridiculous production at OSU with solid game tape to back it up.


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