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Thread: That Peaceful Iranian Nuclear Program

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    [QUOTE=sunmou;4376121] If it was a muslim who suggest such he would have been
    killed by now.[/QUOTE]

    The press would have been kissing his ass and buying him new explosives.

    Because he's one of the downtrodden, abused masses. :rolleyes:

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    [QUOTE=Jetdawgg;4376352]I have personal involvement in this atrocity (Lebanon). I lived with 3/8, serving in a comm unit as a radio operator.

    I doubt that there is ANY Marine who agreed with the republican philosophy of 'cut and run' that was issued by Mr. Reagan.

    I also do agree that we (USA) should not be involved with any entangling alliances. It is clear that 221 Marines and 20 soldiers and sailors lost their lives because of this entangling alliance.

    In this forum, it is always the appearance of "Israel is right regardless" from many posters. It is clear as shown in the few previous posts that I have made that Israel does not always have the same or even the USA's best interest.

    Furthermore, I do not 'defend' Hezzbollah. I defend the fact that the alliances are entangling and we should stay out of them. Iran is not a threat to America. Particularly when we have many American military bases surrounding them.

    For the posters here to present arguments w/o many more facts included is baseless. There is a growing argument in America that we should not engage in hostile affairs regardless of what nations are involved.

    I am for that.

    Finally, that is not the first time that Israel has engaged in hostile treatment towards the American military. In 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty. The attack went on for hours and clearly they knew this was an America Navy Intelligence Communications Ship. The attack occurred in international waters.

    Many sailors and Marines (34/170) were killed and wounded then also.

    It is time to stop the pretense that Israel is in lockstep with America and American interests. The evidence speaks otherwise.


    Many US dead and wounded were killed by US Marines and Army via friendly fire, happens all the time. Brits were killed by Americans in WW2, it happens.

    Israel and the US should not be in lockstep just like the US and Great Britain or Canada shouldn't be in lockstep on foreign policy. We all have different agenda's based on our national interest. That said Israel is clearly one of our most reliable ally in the region or anywhere in the world.
    There is a difference between having different goals, incidents and blatantly lying about the relationship. Foreign policy isn't black or white but when it comes to a handful of our allies including Israel it' far less shaded than most of our allies.

    I have no issue with your opinion. I have issue with you publishing BS as if it was fact and not stating your opinion. I also think you are dead wrong and have a blame Israel first mentality. There is a difference between believing the US shouldn’t be involved in many of these actions and blaming Israel as your POV of why we shouldn’t be. You clearly are in the later category.


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