[QUOTE=Buster;4376655][B][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]The main reason oil is $105 per barrel is that India and China are now burning up oil in crazy amounts, too. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]Demand is up. The other reason the price is way up is that getting oil is no longer just drilling a well, setting up a pump and then walking away. Often it is setting up a sea platform and drilling a well to the bottom of the ocean. Now we have crews of workers digging up sand or shale and processing the dirt out of it just to get to the unrefined oil. AKA Supply is getting more expensive.

Anyway, China and India might have issues with us monopolizing the oil in the Persian Gulf.

You think Iran is a thorn in our side?

Consider the two most populous nations (and huge small arms manufacturers) trying to ‘stick it to us’ covertly. Yikes.[/QUOTE]

You know better!!! It's,

[COLOR="Red"][B][FONT="Impact"][SIZE="7"]BUSHES FAULT!!!!!!!!![/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/COLOR]