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Thread: The word down here in Miami this week is: Manning

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    The last refuge of a weak mind is attacking the spelling or grammar or penmanship or attire of the opponent. Or, in the case of people from Bergen, the lack of willingness to visit Tricky Dick's grave in Yorba Linda ;-)[/QUOTE]

    btw, beyond the lack of attention to what you are typing..

    the premise of the thread is does the volume of manning discussion in miami have any bearing on the Jets or for that matter what will actually transpire in Miami???

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    I hope the Manning issue is settled before March 15th so that if the Jets do sign him, I will have no issue in NOT renewing my season tickets knowing that the Jets will not be SB contenders for a loooong time.

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    [QUOTE=mrcoops;4376847]SG3 would instantly be the best QB on Miami's roster...[/QUOTE]

    which is like saying SG3 would be the best quarterback in my household


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