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Thread: JETS strong contender to land Henne.

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    [QUOTE=Austin;4383607]I'd prefer Campbell to Henne by a mile.[/QUOTE]

    Campbell and Henne are almost the same guy, with Campbell being slightly better.

    They're both good for the first 80 yards, but are terrible in the red zone. They're hesitant to pull the trigger when they get close to the endzone.

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    [QUOTE=Austin;4383607]I'd prefer Campbell to Henne by a mile.[/QUOTE]

    +1....I would much prefer Campbell to Henne...

    Campbell was decent with Oakland and has 74 TDS and 50 INT in his career which i believe in Washington had a new OC every year he was there....

    He also has never thrown more INT than TDS in a season whereas Henne has thrown more INT or an equal amount of INT to TDS in all 3 seasons as a starter....

    This is the guy who took over for Pennington and a Dolphin team that went 11-5 and were AF east champs and procedded to 13-18 as a starter and 1-8 in his last 9 starts....

    Dolphins were 0-4 this year with Henne and 6-6 with Matt Moore...

    17-11 without Henne....13-18 with him....Don't want him!!!


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