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Plenty of leadership when you're winning and going to the playoffs.

Losing unveils everyone's a-hole side.

How about we protect OUR QB and sack THEIR QB?

Then everyone will be happy and there will be plenty of leaders.

Chicken and the egg in sports--alway was and always will be.

Leaders don't bring winning.

Winning brings leaders/happiness/comaraderie/unity.

We go 11-5 or 12-4 next year, no one's going to be writing articles about a lack of leadership.

Leaders don't make stiffs better, make them sack the QB, make them protect your QB.

Santonio didn't become a d-bag overnight--he was just fine and dandy in 2010.

Don't tell me the loss of T-Rich turned him into a d-bag.

+20 billion

As usual, you are dead on. I guess the Giants lacked leaders in 2010 when they, once again, collasped down the stretch. So much so, NYG were the off season winners in 2011 bringing in leaders that led them to a SB championship.