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Thread: Saints "May" Be Disciplined for Bounty Program

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    [QUOTE=isired;4385828]ya think? :rolleyes:
    I don't know - [B]I think it might make it more likely that he gets signed at (or nearer) his asking price[/B] - it could go wither way. After all, if you're facing a very weak draft and loss of your coach for a period of time, do you really want to remove your top proven player and 'on-field coach' in exchange for some unknowns? I think the fans put more emphasis on the draft vs. known talent than FO's (or at least good FO's) do.[/QUOTE]

    This. Saints have even less leverage now.

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    [QUOTE=crasherino;4385836]This. Saints have even less leverage now.[/QUOTE]

    assuming Brees even wants to be in NO anymore.

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    That's what I said 3 days ago Francessa.


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