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Thread: Wine drinker craving hard liquor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumrunner View Post
    "Kraken" is a dark spiced rum that comes in really cool bottle. It's not that easy to find. It's 94 proof where most spiced rums are 70 or 80 proof. It's good with most normal rum mixers but if you mix it with ginger ale it tastes almost like black cherry. My wife was never a rum drinker but she's hooked. "Release the Kraken"! Mount Gay "Eclipse is a good one as well (If you happen to take a liking to rum which I obviously have).
    Love Kraken but a bit much for a noob don't ya think.

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    I too am a wine drinker ... But I have recently been stuck on perfecting the vodka martini. I started with grey goose ... Deviated at jewel of Russia .... And the back to grey goose. The high end Stoli is actually quite good and smooth as well believe it or not. It's the one that comes in the shape of a russian artillery shell.

    Tried with lemon ... Tried with olives. go with olives.

    Tried dirty (olive juice)

    Tried a few vermouth but went back to martini and Ross ... The mist sprayer is the way to go.

    Tried shaken ... Tried stirred ... Actually think stirred might be better.

    Another drink I tried for something sweet ... Disorono w/ cranberry juice.

    Anyway ... Couple ideas for you ...

    Oh yeah been on a tequila thing too .. Love patron... But prefer Don Julio .. Anejo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JStokes View Post

    If it is, a once decent poster is now just embarrassing himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2® View Post
    Stillborne? Vick? Wet dreams?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sports View Post
    I've been a wine drinker all my life, but recently craving hard liquor.

    Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Cognac, Rum or other?

    Should I start with a mix drink or straight?

    I don't buy cheap drinks so don't recommend Smirnoff, Old Crow Bourbon, anything with a Southern name, etc.
    You mix with the cheaper, straight with the good. Gin and Tonic.

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    Nyquil Stinger....that's the ticket

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeJet View Post
    Dump harmless pot questions, and keep this front and center. The mods should be embarrassed. Even more embarrassing...they lobbied to do this.

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    What ever you end up choosing Sports, always remember to drive fast and take chances afterwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy® View Post
    If it is, a once decent poster is now just embarrassing himself.

    Was always very clever--his wit and comebacks were truly Hampur worthy.

    But then he'd go off like a sociopath and get band.

    At least he's starting slow with his new Sports persona, but I agree, it's a bit embarrassing.



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