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Thread: trent...or....james

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    so my question to all is if we can get trent at 16 then hey i am all for it, but i think anything that involves us trading up and possibly losing a pick is not worth it. we have to many other needs so picks is important. that said if we cant get trent then does anyone have a problem with going after lemichael james say in round two.

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    Trent Richardson is going to be a superstar. You talk about getting the pressure off Sanchez, this is the guy. Whether the Jets get him or not is a different thing.

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    Trent will be an elite back in 4 years. Count on it.

    And I would take David Wilson over LaMichael James

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    james will likely be a 3rd or 4th. I dont think we should take either one. RB isn't a huge need IMO. Greene is a 1200 back and McKnight looked really good and fits our new OC very well. I think he could have Bush #s if given the chance. If we go RB in the 4th 5th to replace Powell I think I'd rather Cyrus Gray to add a WC RB.

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    [QUOTE=King P;4382996]Trent will be an elite back in 4 years. Count on it.

    And I would take David Wilson over LaMichael James[/QUOTE]
    Absolutely.Trent falling to the Jets at 16 would be like manna from Heaven. But an interesting question is what if he is still around at say 10 or 12, would the Jets feel it is appropriate to trade up for him, noting that they have multiple needs elsewhere and limited draft picks.


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