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Thread: The NFL has evolved beyond "Ground and Pound"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet Nut View Post
    Your use of logic is mind numbing.

    Where did I say anything like close is all I want? How stupid is this comeback by the idiot I hate Sanchez contingent? Stating a fact, the Jets were as close as it gets 2x's to prove that ground and pound can work somehow translates into, Im happy with getting close. Try something different, something that makes sense to anyone with a brain.

    You 2 stupid reasons to kill the QB are laughable. You're right, it's a rookie and 2nd year QBs fault that we didn't go the extra game to the SB while at the same time its of no credit to him that they got to that spot.

    It must be comforting to be so numb that you can find a person to blame no matter how stupid it is to blame that person. Blaming one person makes it so much easier to explain why a team didn't make it to to the SB. When in doubt, blame the QB. It's what retards have been doing since the dawn of football.
    I have to agree with this ... Mark deserves this year to solidify his spot. Schotty is gone, hopefully we will get him a big, fast target on the outside ... This team had big issues last year ... Let's wait and see what transpires this year before we hang the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schroy48 View Post
    Then don't say it *chmuck.

    Can't you simply say "Schroy, I disagree, here's why"?

    My main problem with the "Ground and Pound" in 2012 is this:

    If we are down by 14 with 6 minutes to go, we have to score twice and we have to probably get 160 yards in doing it. The offensive unit doesnt really know from "no huddles" because they havent been used all season. There is a good chance there will be penalties called against us if we go to this. In addition, the running backs will want the ball claiming they can get 5-10 yards per carry, and we know that's NOT happening. The opposing D will be looking for the pass, but, will be guarding for the run. So, they'll be closer to the trenches and we would have a perfect opportunity to get a long gain with some vertical down-field passing. But, that's not our "forte". Long passes won't be accurate because theyre simply not used very much.

    In other words, with a "Ground and Pound" if we fall behind by more than 10 in the 4th there is an excellent chance we'll lose. With the "Ground and Pound" we'll go 10-6 instead of winning a division at 12-4 - because twice we couldnt score fast enough in the 4th Q in at least 2 games.

    I want to win divisions. I want to have only 2 playoff games to play.

    I want to GO to a Super Bowl. In 2012, I believe the "Ground and Pound' will take me to the playoffs - maybe - but not to a Super Bowl.
    When teams are down 14 with 6 minutes to go, they lose 95% of the time, regardless of what offense they run.

    Everybody needs to calm down about this. We're going to throw the ball AT LEAST 25-30 times per game this year. If we fall behind, there will be games where we throw it 35+ times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    When teams are down 14 with 6 minutes to go, they lose 95% of the time, regardless of what offense they run.
    You sure? We need a poll to determine this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetssjumets View Post
    OMG, am I reading this correctly? In all due respects, this has to be the dumbest post I've read on this site -- and that is saying something!! Please tell me you are freaking joking and just trying to garner a response? Because, if you are not, then you really should stop posting.
    HA HA HA!!! Man what the hell is this guy on????

    That guy should stop starting these ridiculous thread and frivolous polls


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