As a fan, let's not panic or over react when we hear headlines and story lines regarding:

Peyton Manning to Jet's
Sanchez / Holmes Feud
Locker Room Turmoil
Sanchez's demise!

hard not to get caught up in media frenzy surrounding the New York market... The NFL is big business and like it or not, the JETS are news worthy despite being 8-8..... For all the great preseason press we got in terms of a team on door step of super bowl, you have to deal with all the negative press generated when expectations fall short and fingers start pointing... Sports Entertainment is big business.... positive and negative press is new worthy! Controversy is a welcomed subject. to generate interest.. ALL ABOUT MONEY.

We live in a world of tabloid journalism, 24hr talk radio and TV Sports Networks. and of course the WWW. Seems like you only need a heart beat and pulse to qualify for an expert opinion.....

The Jets, like all teams, have holes to fill and areas to improve.. Their Front Office and Coaching staff and players are accountable for performance and results.... In the end, players need to play, coaches need to coach and general managers need to orchestrate operations of a team.. They all will be judged on Wins and Losses.

We all need to keep media in perspective.