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Thread: Ian O'Connor: Forget Manning, stick with Sanchez

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    [QUOTE=PatsFanTX;4388360]Absolutely, he's top 5.

    1) Rogers
    2) Brady
    3) Brees
    4) Roethlisberger
    5) Eli[/QUOTE]

    He's also one bad hit away from becoming parapelgic.

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    [QUOTE=PatsFanTX;4388461][B]Sanchez is the exact same QB in December of "11 as he was in September of '09. [/B] No improvement in 53 NFL starts.

    His accuracy is horrible, he still does not know how to move in the pocket, and he can't read a defense if his life depended on it.

    With those critical deficiencies, do you really think he can become a top 10 NFL QB?[/QUOTE]

    Other than the continued statistical improvements, you are correct:roll eyes:

    We shall see this year. Now that Shotty is gone, if Sanchez does not improve, then is probably a lost case and many, including myself, will be wrong.

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    Dear Patsfan TX

    I am ignoring you and anything you post. Therefore, it is only fair that (should you consider doing so or possibly have already done so) that you leave me out of your personal attacks, namecalling and assorted other usual tricks

    thank you

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    [QUOTE=jpoppy7;4388445]I realize but I assume Peyton will still cost more than Sanchez does, and other cuts will be necessary. Maybe that's an incorrect assumption by me.[/QUOTE]

    Peyton's contract will be nearly entirely incentive driven.

    Peyton Manning is not a fool.

    Now let's play analyst:

    Here's the realistic possible landing spots for Manning, keep in mind his primary motivation will be to win a Super Bowl:

    Top 3:

    Of these three, Miami and Seattle have the most in place to win now. Seahawks have a decent young d, strong running game, and solid receiving core. Their O-line, however, isn't great. Miami needs a RT, has one of the top 5 WR's in football, a multi-purpose back in Bush who Manning would utilize to the utmost (ala young Edge). Their defense is strong, though. Probably the most logical landing spot is Miami, but Flynn is probably just as likely since Philbin is bringing the West Coast offense down to South Beach.


    Niners and Broncos both have strong defenses and the Broncos could use Tebow as a Wildcat type guy to further bolster the running game. Niners are a QB away from being one of the top 3-5 SB front runners in the NFC. Vernon Davis could possibly break 2000 yards next year with Manning throwing to him. Crabtree and Josh Morgan (hurt this year) are a very exciting young WR combo without Alex Smith's mediocrity holding them back.

    Now for the Jets:

    Try to see this from the perspective of actually playing with a lead:

    1) Less emphasis on run defense, meaning more time in the Nickle (which is one of the Jets strengths) due to CB depth. Playing with a lead more often means less stress on the defense.

    2) Ryan can unleash the hounds more often in more all-out blitzes because he isn't concerned about the fact that 14-21 points is all he's going to get out of his offense. Rex can play aggressively, which is what he wants to do.

    3) When not playing with a lead, we will be run on more often to keep Manning off the field. This lowers the exposure of Eric Smith and the safeties at a whole.

    4) Here's the biggie: You can suddenly keep up with Tom Brady. You aren't worried about him as much because you have (if Manning's 100%) a same-exact level weapon. Before you go there: Manning is a completely different type of player than Favre. Favre was nowhere near as cerebral as Manning is. Manning will surgically pick you apart. You have an equivalent weapon to Brady. And I'll take our skill positions over theirs.

    Holmes will show you how good he is with Manning, probably to the tune of 1500 yards and 10-15 TD's.

    Kerley and Turner will both suddenly become dangerous.

    Braylon's contract would probably still fit in, and if he's also healthy you have another weapon who could be a 1000 yard, 5-10 TD guy.

    Keller would benefit the most, though. He'd be uncoverable.

    LT would be a viable option to bring back, too. There's not going to be any 8 men in the box against Peyton Manning. He will destroy you.

    Now for the downsides:

    1) Sparano may not cede the control necessary to Peyton. There's no QB in the NFL like Peyton. He's basically an offensive coordinator.

    2) Right tackle blows.

    3) Rex is loud.

    4) Salary may not be what he wants and may require a multi-year deal, which could be a sticking point for Peyton. He may want a one year "let's try it" deal.

    5) It's cold here.

    6) His brother is here. He may not like that, either.

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    This article is 100% right Manning isnt going to win another SB or come close to one he is a 36 year old QB who has not even 80% the arm strength. This team has real needs and QB is not one of them. This team needs a Safety, 2- OLBS, MLB, RT, WR(that can stretch the field) a Real RB like Curtis Martin mold.
    Instead lets pursue a QB who is washed up who the Colt know he is washed up and thats why they cut him. I make a prediction now Manning will be out of football by week 5 Sanchez will be somewhere else and will end up having a breakout year somewhere else. and Greg mcelroy will lead this team to a 2-14 season because with all the cap money tied up in Manning there will be no room to fix the team.
    Im not going into Sanchez the fan base is stupid and so is the management who listens to this crap and goes after a crippled QB who will never see another playoff game again if he even stays on the field. This is why the Jets have not been able to develop a QB since Namath left and never will again because if this happens no QB coming out of college will want to be drafted by this franchise again. Sanchez most playoff wins in Jets history even more then Namath and because of 1 bad season for a 3 year QB lets move on this is the dumbest thing I ever heard of. yes bring in a QB to push him not replace him.
    1 more thing that will get me banned and thrown out of here its been so long since Namath was on the field but you guys seem to forget Namath was the biggest Interception machine going. He threw tons of picks yes he won the SB but it was more on Boozers legs and the Jets D then it was on the arm of Namath but its been so long that fans have created Namath into some king of super hero and thats why this team cant develop a QB because the fans and the management have created a superhero so great that nothing can come close not even Brett Farve who was booed out of NY.
    Thats why in the end Manning wont come either.
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