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Thread: A simple question...

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    Generally Optimistic.
    We were 8-5 and in good position for a third straight playoff appearance when we tanked due to locker room BS, not lack of talent. And that was with major o-line problems and a sub-par year from Sanchez.

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    i'm neither right now, but if they can upgrade at RT and have a decent draft, i'll be optimistic.

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    Very optimistic!! looking forward to seeing what Sparano can do with our offense and there still are changes to come before the season starts, hopefully Tanny doesn't **** that up--- losing more good players and replacing them with worse ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossfire View Post
    Nothing big... followed by poll coming... probably not the first time you've said this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonbiggs View Post
    I have no faith in the front office or the coaching staff. I generally see a team in decline from it's peak in 08 at 8 and 3. Sanchez looks to be toast. The lack of team speed is alarming. Other than that I'm generally optimistic.
    biggest problem...

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    Its kind of early for this but I say now pessimistic, but a lot can happen between now and the season. The cap situation is going to keep us from being major factor in free agency but Mr. T generally has a plan to bring in new talent.

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    A lot of knee-jerks in this thread. Plenty of reasons for sunshine optimism. Glass more than half full.

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    If you are not optimistic, why bother to watch.....

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    Happy with the coach and gm

    Not happy with our qb, Ive given up hope on him being anything but disappointing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icer View Post
    Happy with the coach and gm

    Not happy with our qb, Ive given up hope on him being anything but disappointing
    Not Yet. When he has time to throw he is good. ANY QB with the Jets line last year would have problems. If the Jets fix the O-line and Sanchez plays the same as 2011,then its time to look elsewhere.

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    Pessimistic ...

    Coach needs to mature
    QB needs to mature
    QB needs to take then miracle accuracy pill
    We are still slow at linebacker and safety
    Our RT just signed an ill advised extension
    Our running backs are average
    We have no number 1 receiver
    We have new OC ... Some need to break in a new offense

    Aside from these few things ... I feel great ... Super bowl for sure.


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