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    [QUOTE=isired;4390495]He's no threat. Sanchez is a much better QB. Put Henne into out O least year, with the constant avalanche of defenders on pass plays, and he'lll resemble Clemens more than any other Jets QB. But I think he may be the best backup available, and if so, they should definitely bring him in.

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    Wonder how Henne would do in a big game?.....

    Only time that he played in what would be considered meaningful games was at the end of the 2009- 2010 seasons when the 7-6 and 6-5 Dolphins were in the playoff hunt....2009 lost the last 3 games of the year.....3 TDS....5 INT

    Here are his numbers in the last 5 games of 2010.....

    89-155...57% comp....4 TDS...7 INT...5.5 YPA.....1-4 record with the only win coming against the Jets when he connected on 5-18 passs for 55 yards....

    Also had a 6-16....71 yard effort in that stretch....In those 5 games he had QB ratings of 37.8....58.3...and 25.8 in three of them....Including loses to the 5-11 Browns..4-12 Bills and the 6-10 Shaun Hill led Lions all in his own house....

    I was disappointed in Sanchez performance the last 3 games last year but at least we know he can play well in big games because he has......Henne has never shown an inkling of playing well when it matters......
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    [QUOTE=jpoppy7;4390225]Agree. I won't say for sure that Henne isn't better than Sanchez, but he isn't the answer at QB. Let's give Sanchez one more chance to succeed, if he can't then send him away and start over.[/QUOTE]

    Henne has been awful when it counts in his career....Melted down in 2009 and 2010 with playoffs on the line.....


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