I understand the need for the Colts to purge some of their roster and free up lots of cap space but if I were Andrew Luck I would be a little worried...well no a lot worried...that this team is set up for him to fail.

They went from contemplating keeping Manning to give Luck a solid veteran presence for a few years to learn under to having no veteran presence on that team at all.

Look at all the highly drafted QBs in the last couple of years who have had success and they all got help either from good skill position players around them (see Stafford) or having a vet team with a solid defense and/or running game (Sanchez, Flacco, Ryan).

Cam Newton probably had the least help but even he still had Steve Smith and the decent combo of Stewart/Williams in the backfield.

Who have the Colts provided for Luck? Wayne and Garcon are probably gone now in Free Agency and Freeney is doing everything he can to get out from his contract and go somewhere else.

What's their opening day lineup gonna look like?

QB - Luck
RB - Donald Brown/DeLone Carter
WR - Austin Collie (if he overcomes his concussion issues)
WR - Anthony Gonzalez (if he can stay healthy)
TE - Brody Eldridge/Jaccob Tamme

How are they gonna fill all those holes? hope they get lucky with all their draft pics for the next 3 years - with an inexperienced GM making those calls?

This team is going to be really bad for a long time.....and I couldn't be happier about it.