Long time fan. Only 32, but I am of the SOJ breed. Family has had season tickets since '90, but been a fan since the 80s. I'm your basic lowlife who sits in the upper bowl and gets to the stadium 3 hours before kickoff to tie one on.

One of my earliest fan memories is of my dad breaking the living room coffee table after the Browns playoff loss. Saw the Dennis Byrd injury and the fake spike game in person. Cheered when Ronnie Lott broke Cunningham's leg, but left pissed after Eric Allen took 2 hrs returning an INT for a TD.

Saw a few good moments. The 1998 playoff game, Monday night miracle, last year's playoff win in Foxboro, etc. Hasn't been many.

Anyway, I've been a fan a long time. I am pretty sure this team is doomed. The Ryan/Sanchez era Jets peaked in Jan 2011 in Foxboro. No CAP room, o line a mess, overpaying crap players (Cromartie, Scott, Smith), let Jets who can actually play go (Edwards, Brad Smith). It's 6-10 this year, 4-12 in 2013. On top of that we are going to have to watch the Giants become a dynasty.

Same Old Jets forever....