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Thread: jets signed sanchez to extension? YES! 5 MORE YEARS OF MEDIOCRITY!

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    jets signed sanchez to extension? YES! 5 MORE YEARS OF MEDIOCRITY!

    yes! no shot at super bowl until 2017 season starts! yes! lots more suckchize fumbles and picks! yes! 5 more years of brady and beli ruling us! yes! 5 more years of jets insider homers disregarding reason and common sense! yes! I love mediocrity! who needs titles! yes! 5 more years of blaming ofensive coaches, o-lines, pro bowl players, the defense. yes ! 5 more years of watching mr. california cool prop back and laughing on the sidelines after every miserable pick instead of looking at charts and plays and diagrams! yes! thank you rex! thank you woody johnson! keep taking our money and giving us mediocrity! yes ! thanks tanny! you are just a genius! who needs peyton! that peyton guy has only won a title, made the payoffs almost every year, played in two super bowls, 11 pro bowls, 4 mvp's, 1 super bowl mvp. I'd much rather have suckchize and mediocrity!

    and to all you mods you think you are God cause you rule over a fan site, enjoy your banning me . again . for the third time. and all you fools who love this bum, remember this post in 5 years when we still suck .

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    LOL. Nice first post (on this name).

    Glad I got this in before DUMP.

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    Obvioulsy over the top but just about as likely to happen as the array of posts being joyful over the signing.

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    dump and b&

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    d u m p


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