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Thread: I just figured out my Problem!

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    Hey man, if you had really just figured out your problem you probably wouldn't be posting on JI about it.

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    I love when that happens! You just stumble upon what's been messing with you without's like an epiphany!

    Yesterday after 4 ultra strength tums, it hit me that the only times I have problems with the whole digestive process is Sunday mornings! It's euphoric now that I know what my problem is. Just stop putting 8 packets of fire sauce on my Mexican pizzas at 2am after a night of throwing back whiskeys! Quite simple really...

    It's a tough age man...I never needed Tums in college...4 years feels like a lifetime ago...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post
    Hey how did you do that.


    I think he right-clicked on the button and selected "Copy Image Location" or something like that.

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    This thread is in the DUMP? The Great and Mighty JetDawg's thread....IN THE DUMP? I'm stunned. Stunned, I tell ya.

    About time, if you ask me.


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