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Thread: Let's face it, Jets are not a marketable team

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    Let's face it, Jets are not a marketable team

    I think marquee players will avoid the Jets this year. There are more reasons now--than ever before-- to feel like red-headed step-children of New York. The new signing of Mario Williams to the Bills was the latest slap and the main reason to start this thread.

    Some key points for Jets unmarketable status:

    1) 2011 Super Bowl (NY Giants) and (NE Patriots) AFC most marketable team in the last decade.

    2) Rex Ryan- 2010 Super Bowl talk. Lost control of his players. Caused media turmoil with frantic behavior. Instigated fights with players outside the organization.

    3) 2011 Super Bowl talk combined with lackluster performance.

    4) Locker room drama/no leadership.

    5) Poor contract extensions (Hunter, Sanchez). Note: We know Sanchez's contract extension makes sense for cap reasons, but people have already stamped Sanchez as an inconsistent quarterback regardless of been young and having playoffs experience..."perception is reality".
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