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Thread: ...and how did you spend your day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frequent Flyer View Post
    This one was a doozy

    June 24 2011:

    President Obama traveled to Manhattan on Thursday for several fund-raising events, including an extravagant dinner for some of his administration's top Wall Street supporters.

    The $35,800-a-plate dinner, held at the eponymous Upper East Side restaurant of the famed chef Daniel Boulud, was hosted by a committee of bankers, private equity executives and hedge fund managers, including Marc Lasry, chief executive of the Avenue Capital Group, and Orin Kramer, general partner at Boston Provident.

    Hopey Change™

    all politicians pull these stunts.
    again, youre trying to make obama look like hes up to something that is different from others
    besides maybe they had penne al pinscher

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsmetsrangers View Post
    +1000.....It seems the two parties simply exchange talking point memo's and change policy positions the instant the Presidency changes hands.....

    The same arguments used againt Bush are used against Obama and the people who defended Bush now rail against Obama....

    Obama suporters do the same....Outrage over Bush policies but defend many of the same policies that Obama has continued in his presidency...

    It is all a bunch of bull**** and a main reason the country is in the mess it is in.....Both parties are more concerned about power than actually doing what is best for the country......A crying shame that our political system is so ###### up.........
    i agree 100%


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