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Thread: Could we be waiting for Tebow?

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    [QUOTE=Buzzsaw;4399532]No one could possibly be this clueless :huh: I hope this is a joke[/QUOTE]

    lol - Buzz, your stock just tanked. :D

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    Thread is epic

    Joe W. Namath is a prophet

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    Nice prediction sir. Hopefully it equates to wins and a SB victory. Right? It could happen. Right?

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    I don't even know what to say.

    This team baffles me.

    At least I was right about one thing... he wasn't cut.

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    The Jets just are as crazy as you;)

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    [QUOTE=Bay Ridge Jet;4407071]Thread is epic

    [B]Joe W. Namath is a prophet[/B] [/QUOTE]

    So is a blind squirrel who finds a nut now and then..:P

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    [QUOTE=Joe W. Namath;4399335]Hear me out. If manning signs with Denver, Tebow is getting cut. Jax sounded like a good fit for him but they spent a decent amount on henne and have gabbert. So it seems like they are set for now at qb.

    Where would Tebow get a starting gig? If Flynn goes to Miami, The only options out there are Clev and Seattle. I think Clev and Seattle both run a west coast offense which tebow cannot run.

    So now, the only job out there for tebow is a backup role. It would have to be for a non west coast team who relys heavily on the run game. What team is set up to run the ball in 2012 more then the Jets? Answer - Nobody.

    Call me crazy, but Tim Tebow might be the back up qb of the Jets real soon. And this board would be filled with Tebowmaniacs. We thought the Chad Witch Trials of 07 were bad.

    IMO, the Jets have not signed a backup qb because they are waiting to see what happens in Denver.

    Where do you guys see tebow if he gets cut by Denver.[/QUOTE]

    Not bad [B]Joe W. Namath[/B]. Not bad at all. :yes:

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    Nice job, but it did come 3 days after I started this post/thread, so you get a silver medal, not gold. :D

    [QUOTE=Monsterxman;4394665]I think one of the main reasons Rex wanted Sparano was due to the problems the Jets had defending a physical offense like Miamiís + the wildcat.

    Go back and watch that Miami team a few years back when they had all the pieces in place to effectively run it, they were nasty on other teamsí defenses.

    They physically beat up teams including the Jets, Pats, ColtsÖ even if they didnít always win the games.

    With that, lets say Manning signs with Denver and Jacksonville isn't interested in Tebow.

    Would you be pissed if the Jets traded a 3rd rounder to get Tebow for Sparanoís wildcat package?

    I donít want him here, but as crazy as the idea may seem, itís something I can see the Jets exploring if they plan to run the Wildcat + sell tickets.[/QUOTE]

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    top 10 bumps of all time.

    well played.

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    [QUOTE=Monsterxman;4407247]Nice job, but it did come 3 days after I started this post/thread, so you get a silver medal, not gold. :D[/QUOTE]
    Well done!

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